Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Watching Ships on the Columbia River

Two days into this trip have led us to a nice RV park on the north bank of the Columbia River. We sit in our comfy camper, working the electronics and dinner prep simultaneously. Strangely enough, we still have elements of the Walkure working our neurons. Serious music dopers, Mary and Nick. Northern California, Oregon and Washington show evidence of a very wet winter and spring. Rivers (Sac, Klamath, Rogue, Wilamette, Columbia) are full, as is Shasta Lake. Mt Shasta has enormous snow covering this year, apparently twice normal.

Weather is not cooperating for sun lovers, with rains forecast for the next several days no matter where we go. It matters not, given that we are either driving or sitting on a boat for awhile. Bellingham is our destination tomorrow and a night in a hotel (shower time and a seafood dinner). We meet our frineds the Carrels for brunch at an oyster house on the 11th before putting the rig on the M/S Columbia, our Alaska ferry.

The camper is working well. It is very efficient to set up. Once the top is raised, the first item is to make the bed so that all of the pillows, blanket, sleeping bag can go in the over cab space. The second thing is to pull down the dining table from the roof mount and set it up. The refrigerator runs dual fuel (propane or electricity) so when we have a hookup, we switch over.

Rain has started, but dinner has too. Time to enjoy it. This beats the hell out of tent camping.

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  1. bravo! loved your post. so nice to hear your report. thinking of you all so much! sounds so lovely. love, christina