Sunday, August 1, 2010

Final Alaska Musings

If you are an Alaskan, don't allow work to interfere with ATV riding, snowmachining, salmon fishing, rafting and canoeing, bicycling and hiking.

If you are an Alaskan living along a highway and you want to get rid of stuff, lay it out on the highway with a for sale sign on it.

The number of beautiful mountains in Alaska would drive the natives crazy if the ceiling were not 500 feet on six of every seven days.

The best hamburgers in Alaska were
1. Kenny Lakes RV Diner (The Willow Woman). Congrats to Ms. Kim Morse.
2. The Monderosa-Mile 309 on the Parks Highway near Fairbanks
3. The Crows Nest-Above Honkey Tonk Row just outside Denali National Park

The best soup in Alaska is made by Kim Morse at Kenny Lakes Diner.

The best fish dinner in Alaska is at Rays Waterfront Diner in Seward.

The worst fish dinner in Alaska is at the Pumphouse Restaurant in Fairbanks.