Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update and Backdate

We have arrived in Bellingham. The ferry is five minutes away. Our hotel overlooks a noisy railroad track, a parking lot and warehouse roofs. Not what Nick imagined, but we also see Puget Sound out the window. There is nothing picture worthy about our vantage point.
However, the Mt Shasta City evening was very nice, and Nick encloses a couple of pics of that segment. The first is of Mt Shasta, showing some of its snow load. The second is of Mary standing at the steps of our camper, prior to dinner. The RV park was pretty basic, but had an electrical hookup.
Tonight we are heading out for a walkabout, and a seafood dinner. Despite the clouds, one can already tell that it stays light quite late. Last night, along the Oregon/Washington border, it was light until 9PM despite the rain.
It is quite nice disengaging from the news. Never heard anything about the oil spill today. Maybe it is a figment of Rush Limbaugh's imagination.

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