Monday, May 31, 2010

Preparing for Departure

We are one week from departure. Multiple lists of to do's have shrunk to one (still pretty big). Nick is still seeking the right tire pressure gauge and an ice scraper. The camper needs water. Food, mostly bought, has to be loaded in. All of the various electronics (sat phone, cell phones, cameras, portable GPS, Ipod) and their separate chargers are ready. Mail forwarding and financial transactions are organized for our absence. We will get to enjoy one opera performance (Walkure) the night before the start of our journey.

We have reserved RV park space in Mt. Shasta City, CA and Woodland, WA for the journey north. We have a room at the Fairfield Inn in Bellingham, five minutes from the Alaska Ferry the night of June 10th. On the 11th we start the sea portion of our voyage, destination Haines, AK.


  1. Thanks for the picture and detailed descriptions. Now I can picture you pulled up at a campsite sitting in the chairs with Nick enjoying his cigar and you both relishing the adventure.

  2. Hey Nick: Be a good engineer and post your coordinates every day. I expect you are carrying a GPS. Safe travels. Rurik